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Age: 40 Age: 38 Marriage Length: 13 years
Occupation: Sales/Marketing Director Occupation:Account Executive Religion: Christian
Interests: Bible Study, Cooking, Yoga & loves hanging out with family & friends. Interests: Coaching & Volunteering Biological Children: 1
Adopted Children: -
Pets: -

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Dear birth parents,
What an honor it is to know that our letter is being read by you. We’re sure your life has been turned upside down recently! We are praying for you, that you have peace about the decision you are about to make and that you will always be comforted knowing you made the best plan for your baby. Thank you for the opportunity to share our life with you.
Some things about us….. We were introduced by a mutual friend and dated for almost three years before we were married in 2000. Through the years, we have learned to appreciate what each of us bring to the relationship. I tend to be the planner and PJ is always the entertainment! We respect each other’s opinions, knowing that God’s will is what we both want for our family. We have learned that each challenge we face is an opportunity for us to grow our marriage, family and relationship with God. As parents, we try to take every opportunity to have fun and just enjoy the moment, knowing they go too fast!
We have been blessed with an amazing son, Baxter. He is full of personality, just like his dad. Football, chicken wings and being with his cousins are some of his favorite things. After we lost our last pregnancy, PJ and I decided to find out more about adoption. We prayed for God to lead us where His will was for us. One day shortly after, Baxter said, “Mama, if God doesn’t put a baby in your tummy, can we adopt a baby?” Knowing God’s answer and Baxter’s excitement, we walked with certainty through the door God had opened for us. Baxter would be thrilled with a brother or a sister. He says, “I just want to make a difference in someone’s life.”
To have another child would be an answered prayer for us. We promise to raise them in the Christian faith, allowing them to walk with confidence knowing who they are in Christ. We promise to love, encourage and support them. We promise to have fun, act silly and not always match. We promise to let them play in the mud, rain, and snow (as long as we get to play too)! Finally, we will always let them know how blessed they are to be loved by both you and us.
Thank you for your courage and your consideration.
PJ & Keri