Considering Adoption

Considering Adoption ?


Your Interest in Adoption . . .
is the reason you are reading this information about Heritage Family Services. We are grateful for your interest because our mission is to help persons just like yourself to learn more about adoption and all the options available to you. As you consider building your family through adoption, be assured that we here at Heritage would consider it a privilege to be partners with you in that quest. Adoption is like a journey through unknown territory in order to reach the goal of matching your desire to parent with the right child who needs a permanent family just like yours. We know how difficult and confusing the adoption process can be, and we want to be your guide through the complex and yet rewarding work required to complete the adoption journey.


Hopes and Fears . . .
are often felt by families going through this adoption quest. We understand and respect the powerful emotions which adoptive families face. These powerful emotions can make adoptive parents feel very vulnerable. Many adoptive families have already dealt with years of painful emotions due to infertility and frustrating attempts through medical treatments to have a child biologically. The emotional roller coaster of hope and disappointment takes many couples through emotional highs and lows.

You may have heard that adoption can be difficult, expensive, and time consuming. While these things are sometimes true, it helps to have someone by your side who has been through the adoption process with many families. Heritage seeks to keep adoption costs affordable, make the process go more smoothly, and to shorten the time as much as possible. Many children enter the world each year without the security of a permanent loving home and will need a family much like yours. Heritage seeks to provide families with emotional support, education, counseling and professional adoption expertise to help make the dream of adoption come true for both the child and the family.


The Adoption Scene . . .
has changed during the last twenty years with the number of people wanting to adopt growing while the number of healthy infants available for adoption has drastically declined. People have found intense competition in finding a child to adopt. Many couples are adopting children from other countries as international adoption has grown in popularity. Other couples advertise for birth mothers to choose them for their child. Unfortunately, many people have become so anxious to adopt that they are not careful to get the help they need in the process.

Heritage was created to provide a broad range of adoption services. Heritage provides all the services of a traditional adoption agency in finding loving homes in which to place waiting children. However, Heritage also works with families who are involved in independent adoptions, in which families make direct arrangements with birth mothers. Heritage grew out of the recognition of a need for a more responsive agency that combined the best of agency professional services with the greater flexibility of independent adoption.

Keeping pace with the ever changing adoption scene enables Heritage to provide families with current information and the widest range of options. New government programs are encouraging more adoptions. Older children and those with special needs are being shown on television and the internet to recruit families. Financial subsidies have become available to assist families who adopt these special children. In the late 1990’s, Oklahoma went through a complete revision of its adoption laws, and Heritage’s leader, Mike Nomura, served on the taskforce which developed these laws. Mike has recently served as President of the Oklahoma Adoption Coalition and also as Chairman of the Adoption Forum of Tulsa. From 1998-2014, Heritage administered the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children for DHS, which involved supervising over 400 interstate adoptions per year. Since 2000, Heritage has been the leading provider of training to professionals who conduct home studies. Other agencies frequently call on Heritage staff for consultation. Adoptive families need the kind of expertise that Heritage can provide to keep up with all these changes in the adoption scene.


Who We Are . . .
Heritage Family Services is a division of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, a non-profit social service agency. Established to provide quality services with an emphasis on adoption, we are dedicated to building strong, healthy, loving families. Heritage is committed to applying Christ-centered values in all areas of our work and to treating people with acceptance. Licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services as a Child Placing Agency, Heritage is authorized to provide adoption services to children, birth parents, and adoptive families.

Heritage was started in 1996 by Mike and Debbie Nomura, both of whom have nearly thirty years experience helping adoptive families. The founding Board of Directors shares a commitment to adoption as the ideal way for homeless children to have the security of a loving family. The Board includes civic leaders and social service professionals as well as a number of adoptive parents. While Heritage is a young agency, its seasoned professionals have creative ideas about how to provide quality adoption services.  In 2015, Heritage merged with Nightlight Christian Adoptions.


Taking the Next Step . . .
Heritage would welcome the opportunity to be your adoption resource. Please read over the enclosed information which describes our services and fees. You may either call us at (918) 491-6767 for a free initial appointment or you may complete and send in the Request for Application Materials on-line.

If you have already located a child to adopt, we can provide any specific services you need to complete an independent adoption. Please contact us or have your attorney contact us to arrange for a home study or other adoption services.

If you are just beginning the adoption process, Heritage would like to be your full-service adoption agency. You will have the services of an adoption professional to guide you through each phase. We can help you explore a wide variety of options to fulfill you desire to parent a child through adoption. We can also help you expand your search by networking with other adoption resources. Heritage can provide the complete range of social services needed to successfully complete your adoption.


If you chose Nightlight's Oklahoma office, Heritage Family Services, as your adoption resource, you can do so knowing we consider it a sacred trust to assist families in providing children with the heritage of a secure and nurturing home.