Services and Benefits

As a division of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, Heritage Services Include: 

Heritage 1

  •  Consultation to guide your family through the  adoption process
  •  Post Placement Reports
  •  Social & Medical Histories
  •  Adoption Counseling
  •  Birth Parent Counseling
  •  Help with Open Adoptions
  •  Update Home Studies
  •  Assistance with Interstate Adoptions (ICPC)
  •  International Adoption
  •  Adoption Home Studies
  • Snowflakes® embryo Adoptions


When you call on Heritage Family Services, you will receive the following benefits:

The staff of Heritage each have over 20 years experience in providing quality social services to hundreds of adoptive families.

Adoptive families often feel they are under a microscope during the adoption process. Heritage focuses on helping each family identify their own unique strengths as a prospective adoptive family and makes the process a positive growth Debbieexperience for them.

Birth mothers especially need the emotional support and counseling that can help them feel good about their decision to place their child for adoption. They are less likely to change their mind about placement if they have the kind of counseling that helps them process their emotions in a positive way.

Heritage works with your family as you go step by step through the confusing maze of adoption procedures. We also work in partnership with your attorney and physician to coordinate with their services to you.

Heritage staff work daily in the field of adoption services and keep up-to-date with the latest trends, regulations and practices. Heritage can help you to complete an adoption that meets all the regulatory and legal requirements.

As a non-profit social service agency, Heritage is committed to keeping adoption services as affordable as possible for the adoptive family. Making it affordable helps more children to find loving homes.

- A private, non-profit social service agency committed to Christian values

- A Licensed Child Placing Agency

- Hague and COA accredited as a division of Nightlight Christian Adoptions

- A member of the Oklahoma Adoption Coalition