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Pregnant? What Will You Do?

"It won't ever happen to me!" Perhaps you always thought you would never have an unplanned pregnancy. But now you have learned that you are pregnant. The test was positive. What will you do?



Is This For Real?


Whenever an unplanned pregnancy occurs, it is normal to be in shock at first. "Why did this happen to me?" You did not intend to become pregnant. You probably thought you were being so very careful. Perhaps you had thought it would still be years in the future before you would become a mother. Even before you tell your family or your boyfriend, it may take a while for it to seem real to you. However, the morning nausea, missed periods and weight gain are hard to ignore. It is also hard to ignore that your life is changing -- whether you want it to or not.



Facing Tough Choices


You now face many tough choices. These are important decisions. What you decide to do will alter your life and the life of your child forever. It is vitally important, now more than ever before in your life, that you think clearly and maturely about these choices.


How Will You Decide?


Every day you make lots of small decisions. Decisions like what to wear, what to eat and which TV program to watch don't really make a lot of difference in the long run. There are only a few times in your life when you will be faced with a decision as significant as this one. This decision ranks up there with other life-changing decisions, such as who to marry. You may have never faced such a big decision before in your life. How will you know what is the right choice for you? "Should I give my baby up for adoption?" "Should I keep my baby?"



Considering All The Options


When faced with such a big decision, you may want to figure out what all your options are. Since this is such an important decision, don't you want to know what all the choices are?




Counseling Can Help


Many young women find a counselor can help them think through their decisions. A counselor's job is not to make decisions for you but to help you consider all your options before deciding the right path to take. Often friends and family offer a lot of advice. While they have good intentions, it may cause you to feel under pressure to do what they think is best for you. This needs to be your decision and not someone else's. A caring, trained counselor can be a big help.


Adoption -- The Right Choice for Many



Adoption is not necessarily the choice for everyone, but it is one of the options you should consider. Every year thousands of young women choose adoption. These young women love their babies very much, but they also know they are not ready to be a parent to their child.

Those who chose adoption believe that placing a child with a family who is ready to parent is the most loving gift they can give their child. This decision requires thinking about what is best for your child's and your own future.

You may decide it is not the right time for you to become a full-time mother. You may realize how hard it is to be a single mother, usually without help from the birth father or even your own family.

Adoption has changed in recent years and can be as open or as private as you choose. Now you may select the adoptive family. You can decide the type of family you want for your child. Some birth mothers decide to meet the adoptive family and work out with them a plan for future communication and contact. You can know how your child is doing in years to come.


Services For Birth Parents


For young women who have an unplanned pregnancy, Heritage Family Services provides a full range of free services. Counseling is also available to birth fathers who want to be involved in the planning. All services to birth mothers and birth fathers are free and confidential.


Our services include:


- Counseling about your options
- Support in telling family and the baby's father
- Help in securing medical services
- Evening and Weekend counseling
- Planning for the future for yourself and your baby
- Help in selecting a loving adoptive family
- Planning for adoption openness and future contacts with the adoptive family
- Arrange for legal counseling as needed
- Provide for legal services for adoption
- Provide follow-up services
- Caring and Compassionate Help



Caring and Compassionate help is just a phone call away. Please Text or Call Allison: (918) 402-0765 and she will be glad to help you explore all your options. Whatever you decide, we will be there for you (you may call collect).